Cron jobs monitoring

How CronDrive works

You just have to inform CronDrive when your job or script starts(optional) and ends.

To track that your job has started, you must call the URL{token-job}/start

To track that your job has ended, you must call the URL{token-job}/end

CronDrive will send you an alert if it has not received a tracking call (start or end). You can set the waiting time for sending alerts. You can also pause sending alerts.


You can monitor your cron jobs by following the steps below:

  1. Register in
  2. Create a new job indicating the cron expression
  3. Add tracking calls (start and end) to your job scheduler or inside your script
  4. Example on linux systems


    0 */2 * * *


    0 */2 * * * curl || && curl

  5. You will receive alerts in your email if the cron job has not started or ended

API Reference

Description Endpoint
Tracking call start job GET{token-job}/start
Tracking call end job GET{token-job}/end
Pause job monitoring, no alerts will be sent GET{token-job}/pause
Resume job monitoring, alerts will be sent GET{token-job}/resume

Integration with Slack

If your team uses Slack, you can set up CronDrive to send alerts to a Slack channel.

When you click on the "Add to Slack" button, you must choose the channel where CronDrive will send the alerts.

Do you want to receive alerts about your Cron jobs on your Slack channel?

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